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5 Reasons to Use Visa Expediting Services That Save Time & Money

Posted by Courtney Leonard on Apr 14, 2015 10:07:00 AM
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The red tape surrounding visa applications makes them one of the most infuriating, time consuming and often expensive parts of travelling overseas, and theyre essential even before you get on the plane! You can save yourself a huge amount of worry, time and money by making use of our visa expediting services. Here are the top five things that a visa expediting service can do to make the process easier for you.


Understanding the process

Every country has a slightly different visa application process. Descriptions on embassy or consulate websites are often poorly worded, and even those who travel frequently get confused. When you use our visa expediting services, you gain the benefit of our years of experience and insider knowledge. We know exactly what information you need to give, which supporting documents you have to submit, and how long the whole process will take. We can clearly explain everything to you in advance, and are there to answer your questions at any time.


Avoiding costly errors

If you submit your own visa application and there is an error on the paperwork, or an essential supporting document is missing, it can be weeks before you find out, and your application may be rejected with no explanation as to why. Our visa expediting services include checking your application before it is submitted to flag up any errors or omissions, giving you time to make the corrections. Getting it right first time saves you the time, cost and delay to your trip that you would incur if you had to make a second visa application.


Saving time

Some embassies and consulates require visa applicants to submit their applications in person, or to use a visa expediting service’s representative to submit it on their behalf. Sending in your passport and application by mail is rarely an option these days, and even when it is, it takes substantially longer than other application routes. By using a visa expediting service you also save the travel time to the visa application center, if you are required to apply in person.


Saving money

Using a visa expediting service saves you money. Not only is it usually a fraction of the costs of travelling to the visa center twice (if required by the embassy), our expert review process will ensure your forms and supporting documents are correct before submission and will catch any possible errors and delays on your behalf, significantly reducing the likelihood you will have to make a second application.


The personal touch

Visa applications are often plagued by delays due to public holidays, a surge in the number of applications, a consular officer’s vacation, and a variety of other frustrating events. It’s not uncommon for visa applications and passports to be forgotten about or even lost within the embassy, and when you call to find out what’s going on, you’ll frequently get an answer phone machine that no one ever responds to. When you use a visa expediting service, we will pursue the embassy or consulate on your behalf to make sure that the visa processing is as fast and hassle-free as possible. We know exactly who to speak to in the consular department to get things done, and our long-term professional relationships with such individuals are invaluable.



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