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Expert Tips for Obtaining an Expedited Chinese Visa Application

Posted by Courtney Leonard on Apr 2, 2015 11:17:00 AM
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China is the USAs largest trading partner, and with an economy worth $17.6 trillon, there is good reason that many of us are looking to the country to do business. China may be part of your long-term corporate strategy, and indeed you may have visited clients there before, but sometimes opportunities arise out of the blue, be it an invitation to a trade show, or an important meeting with a new supplier. When these things happen, you need to seize them with both hands by jumping on a plane to Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. Speed is of the essence and you will need to submit an expedited Chinese visa application if you are going to get there on time.


Most US business visitors to China will require a business visa. Regular business visa applications take at least four working days to be processed, but in most cases you can expedite your visa application to receive it the next business day.


US citizens can apply for a variety of business visas for China. If your trip is likely to be a one-off visit, you should request a single entry visa, but if you are expecting to make multiple visits it is better to apply for a one year multiple entry visa. As of 2014 when new US-China visa arrangements came into force, US citizens may also be eligible for a 10-year multiple entry visa. If you think this might suit you, we would be happy to discuss it with you.


To request an expedited Chinese visa application, you will need to provide a number of important documents including your passport (which must be valid for at least six months after the end of your proposed visit); a recent, color passport photo taken against a white background; and a letter of invitation from your host in China. The letter, which must be typed and printed rather than hand-written, must include your full name, gender, date of birth and passport number; your expected arrival and departure dates; the purpose of your visit; the relationship between you and your host; an indication of who is paying for your visit; and the full contact details of the inviting party. This letter must be signed and stamped with your hosts official company stamp. You can present a scan of your letter, but must be able to provide the original letter if the Chinese Embassy requests it.

 231430693_2f8f3927e2_qAs part of your visa application, you must submit a completed visa application form. The application must be typed and printed: no hand-written documents will be accepted. All the information you supply must be true and correct. If you provide incomplete or misleading information, you visa may be denied, and/or you may be refused entry to China.


In the US, the Chinese Embassy and consulates will not accept visa applications by mail. You must submit your application in person, or engage a third party company to submit the papers on your behalf. We offer three different options for expedited visas depending on the speed with which you need the visa to be processed. These are 1-2 day, 2-3 day, and 4-day visa processing.


We will review that your paperwork is in order and completed before we submit your expedited Chinese visa application, and advise you if any documents are missing so that you can rectify the situation as soon as possible. 


For more tips and expert advise, download our Top 10 Visa Processing Tips list.

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