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Insider's Guide to Brazil Business Visa Processing

Posted by Courtney Leonard on Jul 10, 2015 11:32:00 AM
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Whether you are preparing to enter the immense green jungle of Manaus or the concrete jungle of São Paulo, if you are traveling to Brazil for business, you’ll need a visa for Brazil and you'll want to read these expert tips for US citizens.

Which Type of Brazilian Business Visa Will I Need?

Brazil offers two distinct types of business visas.

The VITEM-II is exclusively for business trips to attend meetings or as an exhibitor in a trade fair where the traveler will not provide any services.

The VITEM-V is required for working in Brazil including any provision of services.  

Working in Brazil is a privilege, not a right and all US citizens applying for a VITEM-V must be sponsored by a Brazilian employer. It is the employer who will submit for a work permit from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor on the US citizen’s behalf. On average, it takes 30-90 days to obtain a work permit approval after which the US Citizen can apply for a VITEM-V work visa.


Who is Eligible for a Brazil Business Visa?

Remember a VITEM-II is exclusively for business travelers who will not provide any services and therefore anyone needing to attend a meeting, conference, or trade show may apply.

To apply for a VITEM-V US citizens must have a pre-approved work permit from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor. This includes business travelers, with and without employment contracts, consultants, temporary workers, maritime crew members, professional trainers, interns, and trainees.

It is important to know that a Brazil requires Permanent Visas for investors in Brazil, as well as directors, managers, administrators or executives of a commercial, civil, or non-profitable organizations.

You may verify the status of a work permit process by going to the Ministry of Labor's website.

After you confirm your work permit authorization is available at the consular visa department you may apply for the VITEM-V visa.


How Do I Apply?

You or your Brazil visa agency should submit all documentation at least one month ahead in person to the Brazilian Consulate.  There are no expediting services offered and all services are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you live in the Washington D.C. jurisdiction (District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio as well as American bases except Guam) our professional visa couriers can handle all your paperwork needs so you can avoid the lines and bureaucracy Brazil is famous for.

To apply you will need:

  • A self-addressed envelope with tracking number from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) with sufficient postage for the return of your documents.
  • A signed U.S. Passport valid until the date of departure from Brazil, with a minimum of two blank visa pages. 
  • A printed receipt page of the visa application form (RER) successfully submitted online and signed by the passport holder, with the photo attached on the appropriate box. You will also need to upload a copy of your Passport Information page, signature, photo and business letter into the Brazil application online.
  • Washington Express Visa Request Form– filled out completely.
  • (1) Color, 2″x 2″ photograph printed on photo paper, with a white background, taken in the last 6 months. These photos need to meet stringent requirements. Notice: You won’t see this posted anywhere but women should not wear tank tops (All Brazilian government agencies are very particular about this, in fact, in Brazil passport photographers automatically Photoshop in a collared shirt!)
  • Copy of your purchased round trip airline ticket or travel agent itinerary.
  • Driver’s license or state ID for proof of residency.
  • A business letter from your company, adhering to strict guidelines.

Click here to download our free business letter template.

For VITEM-V (applicant over 18 years old)

  • FBI Police Clearance issued within the past 60 days on standard letterhead with contact information of the issuing authority and full name, address, date of birth, identification document, and social security number of passport holder.


Brazil Consular Fees:

All fees MUST be in the form of a USPS Money Order made out to the Consulate General of Brazil in the exact amount of the service.

  • Tourist/Business Visa – $160

How Long Will It Take?

After all application requirements are met, the processing times are usually about 5 business days, mailing time not included, but can be considerably longer during high season (usually May through July and October through February) .

How Do I Check On My Visa Status?

The Consulate DOES NOT give information on visa status. You can check the status of a visa application online.

How Long Can I Stay in Brazil?

The Brazilian Government decides at its own discretion the type and length of the visa you will be granted which will be written on the visa.

Let Washington Express Brazilian visa services help you complete your application accurately in order to avoid delays. We can also file & process your application for you for a fee. Enjoy your business trip to Brazil and don’t forget to squeeze in a caipirinha!


Contact us today to find out how our visa expediting services can make your next visa application fast, affordable, and stress free.

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