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Tips for Easy Visa Processing

Posted by washingtonexp on Sep 21, 2010 2:26:27 PM

The visa processing agents at Washington Express Visas make the following simple suggestions to make your visa processing easy and trouble free:

  • Make sure your passport is signed! Your passport is not considered valid unless it is signed. Check the identification, picture page of your passport.
  • When applying for a visa, make sure that you have visa pages available – the Amendments and Endorsements pages at the end of your passport can not be used for visas.
  • When applying for visa processing, ensure that you have a current recent photo and the photo (or photos are required for some visas) are passport size pictures. Many visa applications are rejected because the picture is not the right size or the face is not scaled properly. It's always safest to get real passport photos at local photo shops or chain pharmacies that offer passport photo services.
  • Some people staple extra photos to the back cover of their passport in case a photo is misplaced or lost during handling in the visa application process.
  • Fill out your name, home address, phone numbers, and location of where you can be reached in your trip, and also include emergency contact addresses and phone numbers. Passports get lost and misplaced and without this information getting your passport back can be a long process.
  • First make the copy on a copy machine and then scan the copy and email your Passport’s ID pages -- on U.S. Passports, the 2 pages with Signature, Photo, Issue date, Expiration Date, Passport #, etc. Some scanners pick-up the holograms and distort pictures, colors, etc. If that happens some Embassies may not accept the distorted version as a copy of a passport.

If you have any questions or need assistance in processing your visa for your next trip, our profession visa and passport staff can answer any questions you have.

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